Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Necessity is the mother of invention...

There's a gym where we're staying but there's a charge to use it, man that gets my goat, 'cos the resort is soooo cheap to start with right, not!

So I am leaning on an old favorite the push-run! Although I am mixing it up into a push-squat-run, 1mile, 15 pushups and 20 squats, that soon adds up over 6 miles, an is a nice solid workout. Today was hot and I was in it good and proper starting at around 10:00am, my pace was a little slow with an average of 8:01, that puts me into Zone 2 by a smidge; literally one beat per minute. I guess all that stopping and starting took its toll. I got some funny looks and Stephanie asked me on Daily Mile did I get embarrassed doing exercises outdoors, to be honest I have never really thought about it, but I suppose some people look at it as "hmm that's neat" and other's may think "nutcase" either way I'll take it as a compliment!

Later in the day I was running up the beach, the sand was hot and I passed a tall gangly teenager, maybe 16 or 17 years old running back to his room only to hear his Mum shout to him "hurry up, that guy's faster than you and way older"! I said to her that I took it in the spirit in which was meant! It just made me laugh a little on the inside!

Tomorrow is supposed to cool down to early 80s and I am not complaining the heat is nice but no matter what I always end up burning my head and feet, the former from lack of coverage the latter from lack of exposure!

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