Thursday, August 19, 2010


Thursday, cross training. As mentioned earlier this week I am not going to the gym and so today I had two choices, rent a pedal rickshaw and drive the family nuts doing loops around the complex or use the big blue ocean; I choose the latter.

I have always had a healthy respect for triathletes, doing one thing well is hard enough, doing three, well enough said!

So the picture above is the area of ocean by our room it's a lagoon of sorts but there is a tide, mostly gentle, great for kids, it drops off pretty quick though and has thick seaweed which contains swimmer eating fish, sharks, crocodiles and maybe a long lost Jurassic monster!

There and back was my limit! With no black line to follow my sighting was poor so it was more like; over here a bit, over there a bit and back, best estimates 250-300 meters maybe a bit more. Oh and salty too...I forgot about that bit!

Chalk up another lunatic where's the rickshaw rental shack!

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