Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A ride with

Ride a bike, like stuff for your bike, then you should check out

It’s a pretty simple concept they post challenges; typically ride XX hours or YY miles within ZZ time to get ABC discount (a current example is ride 160 miles by March 24 to get 36% off Twin Six clothing) pretty simple! Generating the data is pretty easy too! Personally I am entrenched in the Garmin device model so I simply upload my rides into their system and they do all the hard stuff like keeping totals etc.
image Challenges, easy to see and enter

Ride inside no problem you can use your Garmin data which shows distance and duration as long as you have a Cadence/Speed Sensor. More recently you can integrate with your STRAVA account and let that do all the legwork…figuratively, you still have to do the actual legwork, you know the pedaling!

See your uploaded rides easily

So what happens when you finish you ask? Well having completed a couple of challenges I was provided a Discount Code to the relative websites; one for 25% Bike lights and the other for the aforementioned Twin Six Challenge.
image Want your own Prize…get on your bike!

And that’s kind of it! It’s really a no brainer as such and given that I upload my data to Garmin Connect, Training Peaks and Strava another upload is neither here nor there!

What I would say is that more people that sign up and make purchases the more traction they will get with retailers so give it a go! There is currently a survey on their website asking for suggestions on what’s next…gotta be in it to win it!

Current challenges include; Twin Six clothing, Gatorskin tires, Primal Winter Apparel, 20% off at and various Winter Gloves.

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