Friday, February 28, 2014

February summary

A quick end of the month round up, this is only quick as I want to do a “halfway through the plan” post next week. No surprises it’s cycling heavy. It included that the last day of the Tour of Sufferlandria and a couple of runs; one trail and one Brick for the The Sufferfest Chrysalis Review. The Annual totals reflect taking two weeks off in January post bike crash and the shift from Triathlon Training to Bike training which explains the drop in running and swimming this month. So the totals;

February Totals

  • 24 bikes; 462.45 miles in 28:33:39
  • 2 runs; 9.84 miles in 1:37:35
  • Total; 472.30 in 30:11:14

Annual total

  • 40 bikes; 745.53 miles in 45:20:06
  • 4 runs – 17.18 miles in 2:39:42
  • 2 swims – 2.06 miles in 1:21:57
  • Total – 764.77 miles in 49:21:45

As you can nothing too onerous…I am sure based on the plan that March will be much the same albeit with 2-3 extra rides as the month is a bit longer!

Once the weather clears up I should be out on the roads a bit more, until then I am on the trainer!

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