Monday, February 17, 2014

Knighthood Training Week 2

Another week in the bank! No real issues on this week just putting hay in the barn on the bike but I did get a sharp reminder that I need to be a bit more than a one trick pony, more on that below! This week was 5 rides again and shook out as follow;

Monday; off, I am good at this!

Tuesday; Taylor. Lots and lots of spin ups and downs, took a while to find a quick gear change that would let me shift up and down. Not the most interesting of rides! 3x20-minute sets of 30-second Billats @ 120% FTP where the recovery intervals match the work intervals with 30 seconds of rest between each Billat and 7 minutes of recovery between the sets of Billats. So yes I had to look up Billats too, at a basic level it is a workout designed to increase your VO2Max, it would seem to be more popular for runners than for cyclists but fundamentally the principles remain the same that an increase in V02Max is important because it is closely correlated with performance. GC Data.

Wednesday; West Vidette. Nice and easy ride while watching the Olympics. Nothing to see here! 45 minutes of aerobic endurance ranging from 50-80% FTP. GC Data.

Thursday; Pickering. All work on this one but I can feel myself getting stronger...of course I am sure I will eat crow the next ride! 1x20m @ FTP with 4x30s @ 90% to "recover". 5 minutes rest, then 5x4m @ FTP with 1 minute rest GC Data.

Friday; off. Beer me!

Saturday; 90 minutes Free ride. I downloaded the new Sufferfest “Chrysalis” triathlon specific video (review to follow) Warm-up run: 4 minutes Warm up Bike then 4 X of the following brick (each brick has a completely different interval profile): Bike: 8:00 Transition to Run: :30 secs Run: 4:00 Transition to Bike: :30 secs Cool down run: 4:00. 


The Sufferfest - Trailer - Chrysalis (Triathlon) from The Sufferfest on Vimeo.

This was followed up with a Date Night trail run with Becca and Cali the dog and I got a good warning that I need to be more than a one trick pony, all the biking is developing great cycling muscles and I am told dissolving my butt (I wish the same could be said for my stomach!) but I was getting a nasty ITB niggle so I took it really easy on the run and broke out the foam roller that night! GC Data.

image image

Sunday; Change of plan and decided to get the bike off the trainer and ride outside. One loop of the Rock Store climb, Becca and I wanted to try this as we have four loops to do in two months for the L'Etape du California. First road ride since crash 5 weeks ago and the back half covered a lot the same road so I was a bit nervous. Climb went well, it's tough but no real problems...not sure how I will feel after 4 of them though! Very ginger on the downhill's but again no real problems. Finished it off with one lap round the lake just to add some time and miles. The actual planned TrainerRoad ride was 90 minutes of hill work so I think was a good substitute. New 20 minutes Ave Power PR! Here are the Strava details for the actual climb and where the new PR was mostly generated. GC Data.

imageI have only ridden this twice, the last time was a long time ago and I was 39 seconds faster finishing in 15:59 so this gives me something to aim for and I think getting it sub 15:00 is a solid target.

Training accumulation looks like this; image Week 3 here we go…

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