Monday, June 2, 2014

6HAT and Vineman; Week 5

Week 5, starting on the build again.

Monday; a double. Endurance Swim; 100s and lots of them! WU 6x100 MS 13x100 CD 150 easy. Tempo Run. WU 15 minutes warm up, 10 minutes of drills and striders. 25 minutes Z3, 5 minutes cool down. Went out too fast and lost it as I faded from sub 6 to mid 7s…more discipline needed!

Tuesday; Endurance Swim, WU 3x200 MS 1x500 5x100 Hard 1x250 4x25 Hard CD 150 easy, very happy with the 500 which I completed in a 2:10 pace.

Wednesday; Brick Ride/Run. Sufferfest Fight Club, fell off the back here, legs had nadda! 30 minutes Zone 2 run off the bike. Just happy today was over!


Thursday; Tempo Run. Usual warm up and drills, then decreasing intervals 7 minutes hard 3 minutes easy decreasing to 3/3. Went out too fast and faded again…clearly nothing learnt from Monday!


Friday; off

Saturday; should have been Chrysalis. Decided to a FTP test as I had picked up my rebuilt Slice. Then I could get nothing to work, Power, Cadence etc. Bit the bullet and just fixed all the crap and then went out for Sushi! Broke out race wheels and pumped them up to make sure the tubular tires were still holding good…they were! Becca’s going to use them for her first Tri this year in two weeks.

image image image

Sunday; Brick Swim/Bike. WU 6x100 300 pulling MS 4x400 CD 150 easy. Happy to cover 2700 yards in an hour…that’s a first! New goggles arrived and what a difference that made! Bike, on the trainer, on the Slice. Called it 20 minutes short as needed to get to the bike store to pick up serviced bikes for this coming weekend Mountain Bike race!

Total for the week

  • 9 workouts; 71.11miles/7:50:46
  • 3 Swims; 6900yards/2:23:36
  • 2 Bikes; 48 miles/2:39:18
  • 3 Runs; 19.1 miles/2:42:52

Pretty balanced but 80-90 minutes short! Running is not bad but need more endurance,might knee is twingey and has been for a couple of weeks, I am hoping I can run it off. Need more time in aero position now my bike is repaired and swim…well that is the swim!

Need more volume this week, but 6HAT at the weekend will dent into that and really need to work my core…for the 500th time!

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