Monday, June 9, 2014

6HAT and Vineman; Week 6

Week 6…keep on trucking, well mostly, slightly altered schedule to account for Sunday’s race; 6 hours of Temecula Mountain Bike race.

Monday; AE Swim. WU 4X100 250 Pull, MS 100,150,200, 400,400,200 150,100. CD 200. I dropped a couple of laps miscounting. Neck and shoulders feel stiff...prolly two big swims back to back

Tuesday; The Sufferfest Blender. 1:40 of hill climbs, sprints and TT practice. I rode this in the evening and felt a little tired out of the gate, while it’s hard sometimes to get up in the mornings the quality of the workouts is on the whole better.

Wednesday; a double. Intervals in the morning First half of today's double. 25 mins warm up an drills. 5x5mins rpe4 w/2m RI, managed better consistency with the intervals. Bit of faffing at start as had reset 910 over weekend and not linked HR or footpod or set up correct screens etc. Should have swam in the evening…I got my days muddled and the pool was closed!


Thursday; off, just ran out of day! Should have been Chrysalis

Friday; The Sufferfest Chrysalis. Not quite what I had in plan the day before a race…but hey here we go! This was the third time of doing this, my run was a little short by comparison to the other times as was my bike but only by seconds so I think this can be attributed to the start and stop of the Garmin. And then I missed today’s swim!

Saturday; 6 hours of Temecula, race report to follow

Sunday; off

I missed two swims which for me is not the best of things to miss…but sometimes that’s life. Other than that I am just loading hay in the barn!

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