Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Vineman; Week 8

Another week closer, more miles in the bank and with some extra miles to boot. As predicted I hit the 10 hours mark just, but 10 hours is 10 hours!

Monday; a brick. The Sufferfest Hell Hath no Fury followed by 4.5 miles of Treadmill intervals; WU 5 minutes MS 4 x 5 minutes on 3 minutes off

Tuesday; a brick. Tempo run 6 miles in 50 minutes. Four solid middle miles with an average of 7:22 followed by a 2050 yard swim; WU 3X100 300 pull
MS 25 x 50, CD 20 Easy


Wednesday; a double. Morning swim; 2000 yards WU 3X100, MS 2X 50,100,150,200,150,100, CD 200. Sufferfest Chrysalis in the evening!

Thursday; The Sufferfest Time Machine. This is Top Secret, all I can say is it’s 35 minutes

Friday; off.

Saturday; a brick. 2100 yards swim followed by a 2:17 bike with plenty of hills and 2100’ of gain.


Sunday; Aerobic run. 72 minutes on the treadmill for a solid 9.11 miles

So the totals;

  • 10:02:04 for 101.87 miles
  • 3 swims 6150 yards in 2:14:41
  • 3 bikes 71.53 miles in 4:08:03
  • 4 runs 26.85 miles in 3:39.20

More of the same this week with a target of 12 hours.

I am starting the think about race day and getting the final bits and pieces into place so there is no panic in the last week. This weekend I intend to ride out on my race wheels, they’re very different from what is on there now an it’s been over a year since I rode them and they take a bit of gettn used to. Other than that the focus is making every session as high quality as possible.

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