Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Vineman; Week 7

You may notice the change in title, with 6HAT behind me it’s time to focus on Vineman which as this post is 3 weeks and 4 days away…so realistically 3 more weeks of solid training and then a taper week!

This week went pretty well and shook out like this;

Monday; a double. Both were hit after work so it was a 2300’ swim, nothing fancy WU 2X200 300 Pull, MS 2X100,150,200,150,100, CD 200. A quick change poolside and I was out a run for 45 minutes, it was dark so I skipped the drills and went for a solid run, I was happy with the splits


Tuesday was actually scheduled as rest, I decided to go for a FTP test to see how it transferred from my Road bike to my Tri bike, I was happy with the result as I was within 1 watt!


Wednesday; actually off.

Thursday; went for an extra run this week, headed out early and clicked of an easy 8 miles

Friday; had planned to swim, life got in the way so I missed it

Saturday; a brick. Swim 2000’, 300’ short, the pool hours have changed with the Summer Holidays and there were scheduled kids lessons! Another quick poolside change and a short reasonably intense 3.5 miles in the bank.

Sunday; a brick. Headed out on the rebuilt Slice. I was very twitchy to start, it took a good 30-45 minutes to feel comfortable and I found a quiet 3 mile loop where I could sit on the aero bars and focus. Felt pretty comfortable in the end. More road riding is needed to build up the level of comfort I need and I am not sure I am going to get there in 3 weeks! Quick change at home and a nice steady 8 miles on the Treadmill, going out easy and ramping up.



Both Becca and I are so happy we picked this up, it’s proven such a useful thing to have. Later that day I hopped on my Mountain Bike and followed Becca on her short run to add another 3 miles to weekly total!

Only three more weeks to put the hay in the barn and looking at the plan I should net out around 10 hours per week.


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