Sunday, December 7, 2014

S0B50K Week 5

Bit of a rest week and a mix of everything. Getting closer to the holidays means busier at work and juggling things but I managed to get through the week fairly unscathed 

Monday. 11 miles, on the treadmill, at 3%, enough said I think!

Tuesday. Off!

Wednesday. 6 miles. On the treadmill again, 1m at 1% 1m at 2%, 2m at 3% 2m at 2%. Hills and Zone 3

Thursday. 4 miles. On the treadmill again. Roas to Hana video

Friday. 6 miles. Treadmill AGAIN! Haleakala climb x2 second time faster

Saturday. 18 miles on the bike with Zwift. 

Sunday. 14 miles on a local moderate trail. It has some short sharp climbing which hurt but as it’s an out and back you get to bomb down the downs! The downside of a short Sunday run is that you get a longer Monday one and it’s 11 miles tomorrow!


41 miles run and 18 miles ridden…basically more hay in the barn!


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