Sunday, December 14, 2014

S0B50K Week 6

This was a big week culminating in a 50k self supported run, so without any further ado;

Monday. 11 Miles. Treadmill…after last week! Make. It. Stop!

Tuesday. Off…yup managed that ok!

Wednesday. 7 Miles. Freedom…on the road for some Intervals! 1m w/u. 2M @HM. 1m easy. 2m@HM. 1m c/d.

Thursday. 5 Miles. Recovery, nothing much to see here!

Friday. 3 Miles. a gentle lead into a big weekend.

Saturday. Hoped on the Bike to ride the Sufferfest Elements of Style, review to follow.

The Sufferfest & Cycling Tips: Elements of Style: Trailer from The Sufferfest on Vimeo.

Sunday. 31 miles. Went to the Sean O’Brien course. Started 3 miles in so Becca could see further up the big first climb and the paused my watch for a mile at 23 to 24 so add another 14 mins to the time too. A big, long day in the mountains. 6300' gain. Could of had more real food on the go and got sick of Hi5 at the end. Slight detour as the stream was bloated to a white water river and seemed silly to risk getting washed away! There’s a  longer post here about it.

56.765 miles run and 8 miles on the bike, (10 actually but I forgot to start my Garmin!)


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