Thursday, July 7, 2016

High Rouleurs Society and 6th Annual SMMC

With DK200 well behind me I have turned my focus back to The High Rouleurs Society. As a reminder it’s 400km and 10,000m of elevation within 36 hours. I had planned to use The Mulholland Challenge in April but rain stopped play so I had to delay the ride. I stumbled across the Santa Monica Mountain Challenge on Facebook and as it’s local it seemed like a no-brainer, ‘cos brains are the last thing you need riding uphill all day! Ride 15 road climbs in the Santa Monica Mountains. It’s a local Strava based challenge and runs between May 30, 2016 and August 31, 2016.

It’s very simple, ride all 15 climbs as quick as you can. Of course no one expects you to ride them all in one go, although some people have. That said looking at their Strava files there is a bit of driving involved. However for me as I need the mileage and the elevation so it makes sense to string them altogether and get the numbers I need. Playing around with Strava Route Builder I was able to do so and there is even a natural break in the middle. It’s also front loaded with 9 of the climbs on Day1 and the remaining 6 on Day 2 so it’s local very manageable over two days (Saturday/Sunday).


So with all that said the plan is to attempt this in a couple of weeks. The only caveat that may derail me is if the weather turns super-hot. So far we have been pretty lucky with a very mild Summer so fingers crossed. I’ll be posting on Social Media so stay tuned!

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