Sunday, July 31, 2016

Thirty Day of Outside; Days 1 - 5

After the HRS rides last weekend I took a couple of days off the bike and got back into things from Wednesday onwards. So the week shook out like this;

Monday and Tuesday off, massage on Monday!

Wednesday; a quick but easy ride around a local loop. Nothing to crazy just a solid ride and some play with my Virb X


Thursday; best described as up, down, left right and home again. After last weekend’s ride I decided to switch out my Continental Grand Prix II tire for some Schwable Ones. I have some thoughts to share on the change of tires in another post.


Friday; ticked another hill climb off of the SMMC list…or did I! I thought I had gone far enough along the valley floor to hit the turn around. Having looked at it on the map, it looks like I was .75 of a mile short…oops!


Where I should have ridden!


My Ride…ugh!

Saturday; this day I did tick off two of the climbs. I had a hot day in the hills riding from home to the coast and back again. Covering the Westlake and Decker to Firestation from PCH.

Lots of black tarmac ribbons!

Sunday; Becca and I headed out and knocked out a 50 mile that covers the first 40 miles of a local Century. It’s a nice ride that has some punchy hills. It’s on some quiet backroads through farmland and while there is not that much bike lane it’s pretty quiet.


So for the week, considering I took a couple of days off it turned out pretty solid! Just under 12 hours and 177 miles. Also Sunday was the last day of the month so that was tidy!

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