Thursday, October 30, 2008

Half a mile at a time!

Last night was intervals, tomorrow night is tempo. Yesterday I parked at the beach and used the same path as last week; it was warm but not as warm as it had been in the week and my car said early 80s. I had wanted to run an interval ladder 400/600/800/1200/800/600/400 but found out that I can’t program anything so complicated through the watch and have to use GTC, so instead I settled for 7 x half mile repeats with one minute rest in between. I headed to the restrooms to change and realized that I had no socks; three choices; nix the run, run without socks or run in dress socks, I went for the latter thinking if I don’t care why should anyone else?

I set off on a warm up run for two miles and also used the time to measure out the half mile distance and try to find as flat a section as I could. After 2.33 miles I was set and headed off. Twenty five later I was done, although I confess to only managing 6 out of the 7 intervals, I had ridden for an hour before breakfast and my legs were feeling it. I finished off with a mile and bit for a cool down for a total of 7.5 miles...very neat! It wasn’t easy or pretty but I was pleased with results and I got a real sense of achievement when I loaded the data from my Forerunner onto my PC. The quickest half mile: 3:07, slowest 3:20, a 3:14 average. The full set can be seen in the picture below. Sunday I am back running with the TRC, I have not been out with them for nearly two months! They are planning a 14 or so mile run, I have a 26 mile run planned so I get there early and stay late, rain is forecast so at least it will be cooler than last weekend!

Good luck to everyone racing and especially Robin who will be completing her first 50 miler this weekend at MMTR!


  1. Dress socks were definitely the correct choice :-))

    Nice workout! I can't do 800's anywhere but at the gear to tell me how far I've run (sigh).

  2. Thanks for the well wishes.... having some morning coffee and then we are off for Lynchburg, VA

    Nice socks :) Maybe you can create a work to run sock and market it. Now there is an idea!! Sweet times!!!

  3. kewl! but you also have a 4th choice that many of us don't... running barefoot on the beach... :) great job on the intervals!

  4. Looking good.

    I once ran a 13 miler in dress socks. Felt wierd to me.

  5. 26 mile training run? Good luck! And nice job on the interval ladder runs, too. The dress socks with the running shoes don't look half bad!

  6. Very nice splits. And I see ya sportin' the Garmin food pod. Nice.


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