Monday, February 8, 2010

20/25 Challenge Week 3

wk3 Well first off I am renaming the Challenge to the 20/25. Triborg let me know that RRS Gift Certificate minimum is $25, sorry folks my bad…but hey look at this way the pot just increased by $50!

Bootchez claimed her Gift Certificate last week and this week we have a new leader El DeCampo, with a solid 2%+ drop, great job! Let me know whose $25 you want and I’ll hook you up!

Personally I have slowed down, but I am almost at my half way point. It looks like SuperBowl Sunday took it toll and a few super sized bowls of chips were scarfed! Never mind, put it behind you and get back in the saddle. It’s a new week with new resolve!

No recipes this week but a few tidbits from Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald:

…."increasing the nutrition per calorie ratio of your diet will enable you get all the nutrients you need for maximum performance from fewer calories thus enabling you to become leaner. An effective way to improve your diet is to score it the quality of your diet and continue to score your diet quality as you make efforts to improve it”…in other words think quality not quantity!

Weighing yourself often is not necessarily a bad thing…"in 2008 100 overweight individuals enrolled in a 12 month program were encouraged to weigh themselves frequently at home. The study’s authors found that the frequency of self-weighing was significantly correlated with weight loss and weight-loss maintenance. Subjects lost approximately one extra pound for every 11 days they weighed themselves”…

…“For runner’s, high mileage is a better way to get lean that calorie restriction because calorie restriction does not send the same message. Calorie restriction tells your body to conserve energy, which it will do by reducing it’s metabolic rate to retain fat stores, dismantling more muscle tissue than it otherwise would and making you feel sluggish in workouts so you go slower, quit sooner, and thereby burn fewer precious calories”…I gotta say this is true, my long workouts last summer, while not fast were high mileage and I was pretty darn close to where I wanted to be weightwise.

Anyway it’s an interesting read for sure!


  1. Good work everyone!! Keep on working hard...and sticking to the game plan to meet your goals!

  2. Yes! That was a good week. As a prior winner I think I will ask for Bootchez to send me a gift certificate.

    Happy weight loss everyone!

  3. Congratulations, weekly winnters (losers?)! I'm really enjoying this contest . . . while I don't REALLY care too much about my weight (I run a lot, I'm not a small woman, I'm fit and weight's just a number, etc) my participation with all of you has definitely shed some light and interest on my eating habits, which could stand a bit of an overhaul. Thanks for playing -- we've got some distance to go!

  4. Nice work everyone! How do I know when I need to send a gift certificate.

  5. someone slammed this weeks %!!


  6. Great post. High mileage is my onlyway of keeping weight down. I am always hungry!

    If you run at least 100 miles a week you can pretty much eat whatever you want. ha!

  7. i scheduled lypo a few weeks from now so i'm gonna blow everyone out of the water. get ready.

    just kidding. that always grosses me out on tv when they show people having that done.

    keep it up all!


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