Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to me…

third Well to the Quadrathon Blog! 3 years old today!

Well what started as a little commentary to my shenanigans with Nike+ has grown into quite adventure. Had you asked me three years ago this is not the place I envisaged I would be!

Two marathons, five 50ks, two (nearly three) 50 milers and almost a 100 miler! And at the other end of the spectrum a sub 20:00 5k! Lots of miles run, lots of miles ridden, lots of laughs and a few tears along the way!

Needless to say it’s all, well nearly all been fun, I have seen stunning vistas, run through deserts and forests, hills and beaches and through sunrises and sunsets, I have learned loads, made a ton a great friends…my wife just laughs at my Facebook friend list and my Twitter follows, there’s plenty more to come I am sure!

Now I know you’ll all be itching to get me a little something well instead howsabout popping over to this page and making a little pledge towards my fundraising efforts for Pancreatic Cancer Research for next weekends race…yeah I know it’s super last minute but it’s a good cause and every little helps!

If you don’t fancy that check out some of my more choice moments:

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and finally 22 miles Photog!

Fun times…stay tuned like my profile says “be warned I keep moving the targets in much the same way as the horizon keeps moving…such is the lot of a runner”!


  1. Happy blogiversary! It's amazing what we learn and share through this crazy adventure

  2. yay happy birthday quadrathon :)

  3. Congratulations. Its been fun this far and I am sure it will be into the future (:

  4. Happy Birthday to the Quadrathon!

    J :-)

  5. crazy how 3 years have gone by so fast. Glad you have not left us and continue to share your amazing journey with us.


  6. Congratulations on the three years. Growing and changing (for the better) is a beautiful thing!

  7. Congratulations and happy blog birthday! I for one have been a reader for probably around 2 years (I think you were my second blog ever!) and have thoroughly reading of your adventures, information and gear reviews. I also blame you in no small part for my growing interest in running ultras. When I DO complete my first ultra, you will certainly be in my thoughts, for better or worse.

    Thanks for all of your hard work on this blog, and the podcasts. It is appreciated!

  8. Congrats Stuart! Wow, can't believe how many ultras you've covered already. Enjoyed reading about LD 50 in particular again. Hope to catch you soon!

  9. Happy Blogiversary, Quadrathon! And many more to come!

  10. I LOVE Leona Divide 50. Haven't done it in awhile, so I think I need to go back. Great blog :) Jen

  11. Congrats on 3 year, and here's to many more! :)

  12. Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

  13. Really, been around that long?

    Happy Birthday Quadrathon!

  14. Happy late birthday! (Sorry I'm behind on reading my blogs) Great work Stuart!


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