Saturday, February 20, 2010

Everyone is a Winner!

[nashville[6].jpg]As predicted I’ve been AWOL; Absent WithOut Blogging but the absence makes the heart grow fonder, right! Anyway I spent the week with my head stuck in a book but the great news was it was worth it and I finally passed my PMP exam, don’t worry if you’ve never heard of it but it’s in been a biggie round here for a while and now the monkey is off my back!

And so onto more interesting things winners of the Marathon draw…well it’s not really a draw as such more of a here’s yours, here’s yours…four entries; four winners!

So form a orderly line;

Velma and Lindsay – Nashville

ESH and Andrew – Dallas

Kinda like you doesn’t pay your money and you takes your choice! anyway email me your details and I will send along the entry codes, remember that you need to write up a review of the race on the race review site!


  1. how did I not know about the Marathon draw? damn!!!! I'm from nashville-that would have been so cool. Oh well

  2. sah-weet! my friend and i are both stoked. :) i'm telling him he has no more excuses now!! and told him he has to do a little write up of course. i will email you later today!

    also ummm forgot to email/tweet you yesterday. i'm unfortunately up .2 from last week :( :(

  3. Congrats winners!

  4. Congrats winners!


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