Tuesday, February 23, 2010

20/25 Challenge Week 5

image As we approach the half way mark so the scales tip, metaphorically and literally Ms V and Billy do a 180 and switch places; I sense a bit of horse trading for gift cards is about to take place!

Every one else seems to have found some balance or loss and despite Lindsay abstaining from M&Ms she goes positive as does Billy who had too many ribs! Of the losers/winners Pachina and Frenchie are leading the charge. Big Bork failed to report in so he gets a zero grade. I myself show a slight gain; which in itself is not bad as I haven’t done anything, nada, zip, zilch for 12 days! My mojo has taken a hiatus and I am left in a bit of a funk; I had a monstrous study week last week and started a new job yesterday so my brain is in a spin right now and I fully expect it to remain that way for the remainder of the week so you all get hall passes from me as far as I am concerned, the good news for me is that my new job is basically in the foothills of the San Gabriels so I get to look at them everyday, see photo below. I am thinking I need to fill in a race entry to get my mind back in the game, that usually focuses me!


If you missed the video from the last post you can find it here! It’s worth 4 minutes of your time, trust me!


  1. Sturat - thanks for the link back to Matt's blog. Western States is someting that is certainly worthy of a bucket list item....

    Great video!

  2. Sorry about the no email on my weight this week. I actually realized the time at about 5:05pm on Sunday. Oh well...past the deadline! For the record...I did gain a few pounds back...so I some work to do to get back under what my previous weight was and stay going negative!
    Keep on working hard everyone!
    Tribork out...

  3. Thanks for posting the video link. Yes...it was well worth it!

  4. I second the worthiness of the Matt Hart video. I admit it. I have watched it like 5 times...so far.

  5. well... at least i'm not in last place? :)

    congrats on the new job!

  6. ~~struts~~.

    What do I do now, ask Billy to send me a card?

    I'll skip this week, because it was my Friday weight and I went away for the weekend. I had no scale on Sunday, so I'm gonna pass until I really EARN it for sure.

  7. Putting my name in the hat for a race always gets me back on track. Nice view and good luck with your new job.


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