Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Freebies

So you may have read all my reviews last week well I am about to turn the tables! I got some awesome SWAG for several, actually eight lucky readers coming up over the next week or so, keep an eye out. First up, remember my review of the Moji from last week, well the good folks at Moji have stepped up and are willing to send out a Moji of your choice (back or knee) to one lucky reader! Here’s a very cool (excuse the pun) video of their knee wrap way better than the photo in my review.

Pretty cool huh! Ok I’ll stop. Here's the competition dealio:

Becoming a Moji follower on Twitter, earns you 1 point, click here to go to their profile,

Joining the Moji Facebook Group earns you 1 point.

Creating a Backlink to this competition post in your own blog earns you one point (you’ll need to click on the “Create a link” below (here are the instructions).

Do the above and leave a comment on this post telling me you have will earn you another 1 point. If you don't do any of the above at least leave a comment to actually get that entry.

With me so far…ok the last way to earn a point or two or three, well actually four, is to copy and Tweet the following:

I just entered the @gomoji giveaway contest on the @quadrathon blog

You can tweet it once a day for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday for 1 point per tweet per day, that’s a total of eight points up for grabs! Eight point equals eight entries. I’ll tally up all the entries and draw a winner next week!

Oh and if you win and you blog it would be great if you posted a review...that's only fair, right!

Need any more convincing on the quality of the product here are a few more reviews; Chicrunner, SnowShoe Magazine and FitBride. What are you waiting for…


  1. I did everything for the Gomoji contest. Great idea. I also put the link on our blog @

  2. Quad,
    I posted a link to you rcontest on my blog:
    and please "follow" my blog as I need some peeps.
    Steve Calhoun

  3. K so I'm greedy and I really want the knee go moji now. :) So enter me in and I love their products, seriously they are super well made! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Eh, too many steps and I'm just a lazy ass, but that product does look pretty useful.

    I'll just borrow Danica's.

  5. Now this is cool....but how do you keep up with all you do? Sleep much :))

    I bet you have a closet full of the most awesome fitness porn.

  6. Just tweeted about the giveaway and became a fan of GoMoji on FB. Thanks!

  7. Hi

    All done. Knee pain sucks. Knee pain without any ice solution sucks more. Select me, we'll be BFF 4-EVA


  8. confusing as heck dude.

    but this gets me 1 entry ;)

  9. and for a 2nd entry i am following gomoji on twitter.

  10. Enter me. I wll do a few entries later for more points

  11. Following Go-Moji on FB and Twitter and tweeted as well


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