Monday, February 15, 2010

20/25 Challenge Week 4

Wk4 Well they say the only constant is change and this week it was all about change. In with a bullet comes LARunr (Billy) with some serious loss, I am left wondering did he cut a limb off…actually I know this not true as there are plenty of pictures on his latest post of him volunteering at Twin Peaks last weekend, it looks like they had slightly different weather from when I was last there! BTW if you’ve never volunteered for a race what are you waiting for, it makes for a really rewarding Saturday or Sunday morning!

Anyway needless to say it’s an impressive loss and a deserved win! I am sure he has one eye on the Los Angeles Marathon next which month and I know those lost pounds will make his day all the more easier. Let me know whose $25 Gift Certificate you want and I’ll hook you up, you can check their availability here!

By way of a quick and tasty recipe here’s a staple in our household, it’s good for a breakfast, lunch or late night snack: Spinach and cream cheese omelet:

Out of choice I prefer to use one egg and a one serving of Egg Beaters but you can use all real eggs or just egg whites if you like.

Use enough ‘egg’ for two eggs equivalent

Splash of milk

Salt and pepper to season

yummy or what!Tofutti cream cheese

Frozen chopped spinach – defrosted in the microwave; 30 seconds

Mix the egg, milk, salt and pepper and whisk up. Pour into a heated frying pan, keep folding the liquid in until you have a solid base, take a spoonful of the cream cheese and spread over half the egg, do the same with the spinach. Carefully fold over the uncovered half making sure that you don’t squeeze all the contents out…that would be bad! Give it a minute and then flip it over and give another minute or two on the other side. Slide it out onto a plate and serve with a healthy spoonful of salsa!


  1. It's the boot Stuart. Billy took off the boot.

    I'm hungry.....

  2. YEAH!

    And aw hell, I'll choose Ms V :)

  3. Great job Billy! What was your secret this week? Some of us could use some assistance here!
    Keep on working hard everyone!!

  4. Your breakfast looks a lot better than my OIL muffin this morning.

  5. I love the Tofutti vanilla ice cream sandwiches- I'll have to try the cream cheese!
    Stong work Billy!

  6. what the heck. i'm scheduling amputation for saturday before i weigh in sunday morning. :)

  7. I'm starving, and that looks incredible. Going to the grocery store to ensure I have the ingrediants for tomorrow morning...


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