Tuesday, February 23, 2016

February FTP Test

And so it was time to do another FTP Test. The last one was a month ago at the start of the second Build Phase. To be honest the four week cycle took a bit of a beating. I got off to a good start, then had the Tour of Sufferlandria and then Rock Cobbler and then Vacation. So mileage and training generally down for the month. That said with well rested legs after vacation I had pretty high hopes for the FTP Test.

I also gave myself every opportunity to have a good test. Had a minimal day the day prior, a good night’s sleep, checked all the technical bits and pieces and really left nothing to chance. All that was left was to shut up and pedal.

I gave myself my usual 15 minute warm up and then got into the test proper. This time as I transition into the 8 Week Sustained Power Build I would use the 20 minute test.

The result. Probably the best test I have ever ridden, went out at a sustainable over target pace and held it for a good 12 minutes, eased off for a minute during the third quarter and then ramped it back up over the last 5 minutes.




My FTP increased from 234 to 243.

It’s a blessing and a curse for obvious reasons!

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