Sunday, February 28, 2016

Strada Rosso Week 4

It seems strange to be writing up Week 4 when weeks 1-3 were focused on the Tour of Sufferlandria and vacation but that is the way that it has been. So with Strada Rosso only a couple of weeks away I was keen to put some solid miles in the bank. I wrapped up the end the Traditional Base Miles plan and this week started the Sustained Power Build Plan. This marks a change in stategy of training with reduced volume and increased intensity with a lot more work in the sweet spot zone. So this is how the week shook out:

Monday. TrainerRoad. Recess 40. Easy spin to start the week with some TSS. 40 minutes at roughly 50% FTP. FTP test tomorrow!


Tuesday TrainerRoad FTP Test. Probably the best test I have ever ridden, went out at a sustainable over target pace and held it for a good 12 minutes, eased of for a minute during the third quarter and then ramped it back up over the last 5 minutes. FTP increase from 234 to 243. Following a full 45 minutes of warm-up, a 20-minute time trial is used to assess Functional Threshold Power (FTP). More graphs and data on this post.


Wednesday TrainerRoad Mont Albert. Legs a little tired after yesterday but settled in to the ride and the new FTP. Slowly settling back into training and the bike. 15 min warm up and then the ride. Mont Albert is 1 hour of Tempo intervals spent between 70-80% FTP with intermittent, 1 to 3-minute recoveries at 55% FTP.


Thursday TrainerRoad Avalanche Spire. Early business as usual, took a while to get up to speed but that's why I add the extra 15 minutes warm up. Not an easy ride but happy with the results. Avalanche Spire is 6x6-minute over-under intervals with 1-minute valleys at 95% FTP and 2-minute peaks that ascend to 105% FTP. Recoveries between over-unders are 4 minutes long.


Friday, off

Saturday. TrainerRoad Matanuska. Day slipped away from me so did the TR ride instead which would be more quality. Usual 15 mins warm up and then into 4x20-minute intervals at 78-90% FTP with 5-minute recoveries between intervals. Was struggling at the end but just about hung on.


Sunday. I had planned to ride the Mike Nosco route but I bailed after Mulholland. Had the wrong cassette on and I died going up Deer Creek, the thought of Latigo was too much as it's a tough climb at best. That said, 80 miles and 6500' of gain will do. Garmin battery went with 3 miles to go. Happy to get back to the 200+ miles a week level.



It was a great day albeit after a chillyish start but it soon warmed up. The new 3T Orbis II wheels climbed really well but I was undergeared so I have switched my 12-30 casette onto them which will help in the future.

FullSizeRenderIMG_2234FullSizeRender (4)


More of the same this week!

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