Sunday, February 14, 2016

Tour of Sufferlandria Day 7 (Ride 10)

The last one…necessity was the mother of invention and using an exercise bike in a hotel gym was the way to go. I had the TrainerRoad app on my phone and could follow the prompts for the intervals.


The bike showed Watts and as such it worked. 75 minutes on an exercise bike in shorty running shorts, not ideal but you know…all it takes!

So this was the last ride of the Tour. This is the fourth year of completing this challenge and it may not have been the hardest but it’s never a measure of easy! It was certainly added some complexity with having to ride the Rock Cobbler mid event.

Totals for the Tour;

  • 232 Miles
  • 13:30 hours

Up next Strada Rosso.

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