Monday, February 29, 2016

February Summary

Another month whizzes by! March is just around the corner as is the next race, the Strada Rosso on the 17th. February started with the Tour of Sufferlandria which was cut in half with the Rock Cobbler. I had to do some tap dancing to fit it all in and the final ride was left to very late in the day. This was followed very quickly with a 10 day vacation. I had great plans of doing this and doing that and in the end I did very little.


Returning home this meant my legs where well rested and I had a very successful FTP test and that set the stage for the rest of the month.


Overall mileage-wise I am down on the monthly average to reach the 10,000 mile goal but I am not too worried about that now as the second half of the year is relatively event free and allows for more wiggle room.

Looking forward into March I am hopeful I can complete the upgrade project to my road bike. Becca had a takeoff DuraAce 9000 crank-set and it seemed almost criminal to leave it unused so I am slowly picking up the rest of the group-set to complete the build. My plan is to trickle down my Ultegra 6700 groupset to the Lynskey Gravel Bike and switch out the SRAM grouppo which I am really not a fan of!


In the last few days I also got confirmation from BikeInsure of being an Ambassador for them. I will have a longer post coming up but the elevator pitch is that they provide insurance for you and your bike when training or racing. The premiums are good and the policy is simple.


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