Monday, August 1, 2016

July Summary

Well July turned out to be a hodge-bodge of a month. With the HRS rides and vacation I still managed to break the 900 mile mark! I am, to be honest, very surprised! It’s now the second biggest month by distance. It is by duration the longest month of the year albeit just by an hour or so with over 65 hours on the bike! Obviously the first day of HRS played a big part in that!

I also managed to get some core work in and took a few laps around the lazy river while on vacation as well as some real laps in the pool too!


All in all a pretty solid month! I have 23 more days outside to finish up during August. Summer seems to have finally arrived and where we had a cool June and the start of July the last few weeks have been pretty hot with temperatures during the day in the upper 90s!

One thing that was noticable was the elevation gain for the month, by far my greatest with over 67,000’ of gain!


I am well behind my 10,000 mile goal for the year. I currently have 5195 miles so to reach 10,000 I need to ride 960 miles a month! It’s almost doable. But as this is a B list goal it’s not a priority!

So with all that said it’s a clean slate…or cassette and onto August!


Mum always said to brush you teeth!

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