Monday, May 19, 2008

Home, home on the range!

I got back into LA yesterday, a ten and half hours flight, luckily the plane was a little empty so I had an empty seat next to me.

Weather here is somewhat warmer than when I left, it maxed at 107F yesterday and was 84F at 9pm at night; it’s supposed to cool down as the week goes by, fingers crossed. It was great to see my wife and the boys, five days is not long but it’s long enough.

I uploaded all my Garmin data and updated my training logs etc. Last week was not a total write off, I plugged in 25 miles running but no cross training other than dragging two suitcases around with me. My diet was ok and I managed to not go crazy on home treats although my Mum did bake an awesome cake, she’s a wicked good cook and the occasional Jammie Dogder was consumed!

I did manage a 10 miler on Saturday and had no trouble from the ITB, I am hesitant to say it’s behind me and I want to maintain the good habits I have developed. I have to mix things up this week (rest days/training days) to work around the traveling but it should balance out at the end. I also retired a pair Asics Kayano 13s (368 miles) fondly known as "Pair 1" and will introduce a new pair of Kayano 14s that have been calling me from my wardrobe and will be known as "Kayano blue".

Looking at the MotionBased data just made me laugh, for some reason it’s not recognizing London and has, rather appropriately, called it “Cubitt Town”! And so I present to you SLB running in circles!


  1. Running in London had to be fun! and a little cooler than 107F!?!? Yikes!

  2. Welcome back! Ummmmm about that map! Wow, that's a heck of a lot of running LOL But then again, you ARE an ultra runner :P

  3. welcome home to you too! I've always wanted to go to London... maybe one day. At least you managed to run a lot more than me, even if it was in circles! LOL I'm hoping that by tomorrow i'll be able to...even if just on the treadmill to seen how the feet will feel. :) glad to hear that the itb is getting better... keeping my fingers crossed for you. Cheers.

  4. Look at you! You're like the "Where's Waldo" of the running blogosphere!

  5. Your mum. How sweet is that!! Glad you are back safe. I loved the motion based view!!

    Glad the ITB is not even a whisper. Keeping up the good habits sounds like a grand idea.

  6. Funny, the route on the right if you turn your head a little kinda looks like a horse with a box sitting on top of it.

    It's like looking at the stars. Kinda...

  7. Wow that is hot! I like the graphs and I see a dog on the lower right hand corner. The house is in the right spot for his eye even. With those graphs you could certainly win a crop circle GPS challenge.

  8. We have temps like that in the summer... I am not looking forward to them at all!!!

    Welcome back!!!

  9. I have heard about people trying to run a route so they spell out something or draw a picture. You have inspired me...I may just try that now....hmm..what should my first "running art" be?


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