Friday, May 30, 2008

Blips on the radar!

Having completed my spring “A” race back in April I am looking at the diary and wondering what’s going unfold in the next few months. I have my option of fall ‘A’ races, I am leaning towards the Sierra Nevada (SN) run in September, I have heard that Mt Disappointment (MD) is considered to be one if not the hardest 50 miler in the state, not just due to the trail, elevation etc but also the heat, early August in the San Gabriel’s can easily top out at 100 degree or more, if I go for the SN I expect to volunteer for MD anyway and there are a couple of training runs in July which cover 30 or so miles of the 50 mile course which I could attend. Anyway I have given myself the week of June 23rd before I make a decision. The objective for whichever race is to break 11 hours and thereby be able to submit my name into the Western States lottery; there I said it in public and hey you gotta be in to win it, well by win I be be on a ticket when they pull the 400 names out the hat that contains nearly 1500!

In the meantime I am scouring the local schedules, by local I mean a couple of hours drive, for some trail races of reasonable length, HM and above and I found the Valley Crest one for next weekend, so I threw my hat in on that one. There is also the Bulldog 50k in Malibu Creek State Park in August; I DNSd here last year with ITB issues, this would be too late for MD!

The problem is that the weather just gets too hot and there are virtually no races in June or July! Anyway keep an eye on my race schedule as I fill it out and make my decision next month.


  1. My goodness.... where have I been. I have just read all your post to catch me up and boy you are a busy thinker these days.

    My husband and I participated in the case studies that developed The First program. It was a great experience!!

    Western States. You are so there and I know you will make the right decision in planning to lay the path to the starting line. Mt. Disappointment sounds the hell on earth. Maybe you could train by running in a heated sauna.

    Happy belated Anniversary. Sounds like you and your wife had a GREAT getaway.

  2. Whooooooaaaa WS, huh? You totally got it! ;D ;D

  3. good luck with the decisions and race choices... i'll live those races vicariously through your race reports and blog,as they sound amazing... but am very confident that my body would never endure a 50 mile race/run :D

  4. June, July and August are a wasteland of races here as well, so it seems like I'm planning everything in the fall!

    Western States. Wow. Good luck with that!

  5. sounds like you have a lot of options to weigh! the july training runs sound like good interim races on the way to the big fall ones ... there is a lack of summer races here too - must mean that we are supposed to take it a bit easy ... who knows!

    but man, i cannot even fathom doing anying in temps that get up to 100.


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