Saturday, November 5, 2011


I knew I would have to register early, last year this race sold out in four days, this year the organizers guessed at 48 hours…registration opened on November 1st at 9am, I was done by 9:30am by noon it was sold out; three hours THREE HOURS!!!

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When I looked again around 3pm there was 750 people on the waitlist! Like I said Nuts!

This has me really worried about being able to register for IMAZ the day after race day on November 21st…oh didn’t I mention I was doing an Ironman next year? Lets hope Nuts is an adjective not an expletive come the 21st!

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  1. Stuart, the popularity of Marathons and Ironmans today is staggering! It's hard to even determine what races are even possible to register for (with how fast they sell out). What are your thoughts on the growing popularity of marathons, ultras and IMs? What does it mean for the future? Where should one look to do their first HIM or IM? This might be worthy of a blog post from you. Just my 2 cents.


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