Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November’s numbers…

November was all about race days and keeping it all together in between. As you may have read the Santa Clarita Marathon didn’t go quite to plan, that being said I did PR by 15 minutes with a 3:31 but was 16 minutes short of my goal of 3:15. Somebody suggested to me that a reducing it by 30 minutes was a bit much but if your goals are small your achievements are usually the same…either way I am over it and moving on.

Two weeks later I “re-newed” my ultra passport and had a wet, wild and wonderful time running the PCTR SMM 50k, you can read, well look at the pictures as I did not write a long report here. Recovery in between was as expected and was running 4 days after the marathon, albeit gingerly, and I spent the two weeks really just keep the wheels ticking over. I am a huge fan of compression clothing (during and after), chocolate milk and coconut water and I would say that these all contributed to my recovery…much more so than stretching of which I did none! After the 50k race I stayed out of my running shoes and donned fins and cycling shoes through to the end of the month

So as for the numbers, well down as expected.

  • 214 total miles (-174 over October)

  • 28:11 time, so about 7 hours a week (around a 3 hour per week loss)

  • 86 miles running in 15:26 (September 160/21:26)

  • 123 miles cycling in 7:52 ( September 219/13:40)

  • 8,350 yards (11,200 in October, 5150 in September)

  • Remaining time was stretching, foam rolling, P90X Ab Ripper and a bit of yoga! oops!

  • Longest ride 51 miles – 3:21 not the fastest ride but a nice hilly one

  • Longest run 31.6 – 7:35!

  • Starting weight 168lb ending 171.2b (from 187 at end of April)

  • Overall with tapers and recoveries I had 10 rest days, so when you consider that the above is only really for 3 weeks it isn’t quite so bad!

So onto December, as mentioned in a prior post this is a focus on the pool and bike I have a goal of 20,000 yards and 500 miles respectively between now and the end of the year. My first Triathlon is in 93 days!

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