Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October’s training; the last big push…

October was really the last big push for my two November races, the first of which is this weekend. While the numbers may not look huge the month really consisted of three build weeks with a rest week in the middle and my taper started last week so the training was pretty intense in the “up” weeks.

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Distance vs. Time for the last five weeks

  • 388 total miles (+63 over September)
  • 42:29 time, so about 10 hours a week (around a 3 hour per week gain)
  • 160 miles running in 21:26 (September 151/20:47)
  • 219 miles cycling in 13:40 ( September 171/9:45)
  • 11,200 yards (5150 in September) what is worrying is this what I have to look forward to on a weekly basis
  • Remaining time was stretching, foam rolling, P90X Ab Ripper and a bit of yoga!
  • Longest ride 41 miles – 2:28 not the fastest ride but a nice hilly one
  • Longest run 19.00 – 2:21, this was a real confidence booster, Marathon Pace +15 seconds
  • Starting weight 167lb ending 168lb (from 187 at end of April)
  • Two rest days…last one was 9/8!

With race day on Sunday I have one more run, an easy three miler, a massage and packet pick and then I am done and not a moment soon enough, I can feel my body starting to flirt with overtraining symptoms so have eased right off the gas this week. Of course everyone in the house is semi sick so I am in full on germ paranoia  mode too!

My immediate concern is to free off my neck, I am hoping to see a chiropractor today or tomorrow…other than that the hay is in the barn!

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