Thursday, November 24, 2011

Review; Clif Bars (Apricot, Peanut Toffee, Coconut Choc Chip)

imageAs is the usual way I am behind the curve, in other words late these have been in the stores for a while but you may have missed them and if so let this be the prompt you need. And so on with the review.

So we have all heard of Clif Bars right, chewy, yummy goodness, great for on the go, road, trail, good for pre run, post run, day time, night time, any time! OK enough of that.

So apparently the flavor distilling techno weenie geeks in at Clif have been distilling flavor goodness down (I said distilling twice didn't I), sealing it in little bars, putting the bars in little bags and then sending them out to lazy ass bloggers like me! (oops sorry guys)!

So this was what was sent to me:

Apricot; has that late summer flavor and always reminds me of some time spent relaxing and vacationing in Greece and Turkey but you can use them for crushing it on the bike or run! Moist, yummy and tart!

Peanut Toffee; Friday night at the movies or walking through the County Fair, this one is mildly crunchy with that caramel (not "carmel" which is a small town in California!?!) flavor, almost like nutty buttery popcorn but much much nicer

Coconut Choc Chip; OMG last year I went mad for the Iced Gingerbread which is also available right now and was reviewed here, well this is as good as that, Coconut, chocolate need I go on!!!

So here is the upside I have a sample box of two of each of these to pass on , if you are reading this you stand a pretty good chance of winning. Usual rules apply.

Mention this competition on your blog gets you 1 entry

Tweet “I just entered the @Quadrathon giveaway for some @ClifBar yumminess you can too at” will get you another, tweet it once a day for up to 4 entries between today and Sunday

Leave a comment here telling me what you have done and you’ll get another 1 entry, so there you go, up to 6 entries to win and if you’re lucky I “might” throw in one of my prized Iced Ginger bars which are in stores now!

I will draw the winner on Sunday!

Talking of stores, something I found out if you buy bars at Whole Foods by the box you get a 10% discount… I didn’t know that, that’s actually a better deal than at Trader Joes!

This product was provided by Clif Bar If you have a product you’d like reviewed, contact me at


  1. Stuart,

    Greetings from AZ. I tweeted your contest - for 4 days. Plus, posted a comment here. So, 5 entries for me. Sweet. Love the Cliff bars.

    Maybe, I will use them on my training rides and runs. Thanks for having a great contest.


  2. Stuart,

    Not sure if last comment went thru. Weird. I posted the Twitter information for the last 4 days and posted a comment here. So, 5 entries for me.


  3. I tweeted 2 days and also posted a comment. Enter me in for 3 please. I love eating cliff bars while training and as a pre-workout snack. Thanks for offering this.


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