Wednesday, November 23, 2011

PCTR Santa Monica Mountain’s 50k

This is the 4th time in 5 years I have run this race (albeit once was the 30k) and the missed year I volunteered! It was my first ultra back in 2007 and this year it marked my 10th ultra start (first in two years) and 8th finish!

The race is pretty simple 5 hills looping over two valleys and a plateau, each hill is 3 miles up and 3 miles down for an elevation gain/loss of roughly 1000’, in between the hills you accumulate a mile of flat to get your 31 miles or 50k and that is basically it, you start, you run, you walk, you finish..simple.


PCTR as always put on a great event, well organized but low key, professional but friendly…and a chance to catch up with some friends; Emil, Billy and Dave were there along with some local Ultra glitteratti include Jimmy, Keira and Dom.

I’ll spare you the 1000 words race report, suffice to say, it was wet, dirty, fun and lasted a good seven plus hours, four or more of which were in the rain!weather

This is the same as 30%, 20%, 10% chance of sunshine right???

My camera lasted two hills and died so I have stolen photos along the way, non credits are my photos.


Race brief from Sara; Gortex to flesh, it’s very colorful crowd!


Me; clean, tidy and cold! (pic Emil)


The start of Hill 1

Back down Hill 1; Trail or River Run (pic Dave)


My friend Yoli going down Hill 2; it was a bit muddy here (pic Deo)


A break in the weather on the plateau of Hill 4…it didn’t last!

PCTR Santa Monica Mountains Highlights from Billy on Vimeo.

More Video from Dave

It wasn’t an easy day but like anything if you have the right mindset you can make it fun…as you tell by all the smiles!



  1. Are you sure it wasn't a duathlon and you weren't supposed to swim downhill... LOL

  2. Awesome stuff! Miles of mud, friends, and fun times. I love it!


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