Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday…yours is not the same?




  1. I must confess mine is much the same but it used to include Oxygen Magazine (the strength training mag for women) until my sixteen year old son told me he couldn't face one more article on "How to cope with a wonky period)

  2. Honestly mine does not look like that:-) I prefer to get it done and get on with the day, really! But at least you have good taste in reading materials!

  3. yup. i have this problem with runner's world. only they're not on my toilet, they're in the living room. i'm about 2 years behind on reading the magazines... and it's not because i read the website. hah. i just never sit down and flip thru them...

  4. Too funny! But don't' feel bad, mine looks the exact same!


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