Sunday, January 5, 2014

Starting the Year with a Bang!

Well more like a crash…

I’ll spare you all the details but the elevator pitch is, I was riding in the aero position, hit a pothole at around 25mph, wobbled a bit and slowed down and then flipped over the handlebars and hit the road with my face.


Nothing broken on me, lots of road rash; arms, hands, one knee and one shoulder. TriBeccaTo called the EMT and they checked me out and then I went to ER to get cleaned up and patched up. Lots of X-rays and even a CT scan but was given the all clear. I have a referral to a Plastic Surgeon this week to check out my nose which took the brunt of the fall.

Minimal damage to the bike! A snapped of shifter, and scratched brake hood, some minor paint scratches, the biggest thing is a scratch to my 3T aero base bar which is carbon fiber so I am looking at how to repair it and not replace it…that’s the most expensive thing to replace.

Here are some photos. If you’re not keen on the sight of blood you can skip this!


  1. eeks! glad your ok! make sure that carbon bar didn't get damaged. When I crashed, last summer I thought mine was fine, but it turned out to have some damage and needed replaced!

  2. Good God! I'm glad you're basically okay!


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