Thursday, January 30, 2014

TrainerRoad Ambassador!

As you may have noticed in the last week during the Tour of Sufferlandria I have posting screen grabs from TrainerRoad. I have been using TrainerRoad since December 2011, so I would consider myself an early adopter.

To date I have; posted 230 rides which equates to 9.1 days on my trainer! My first mention of TrainerRoad was this post here! I have transitioned from a Cyclops Magneto to Kurt Kinetic Road Machine trainer, migrated from Virtual Power to real power and added several more bikes to my stable…but remember the optimum number remains n+1!

image The pain cave!

Much of my Ironman training was spent on my trainer completing Sufferfest rides as well as prescribed rides from my training plan.

All things considered I am big proponent of Trainer training, in much the same way that a treadmill can be an awesome tool. I have always been a data junkie and realize the benefit of training with Power over HR long term. So I am delighted to say that I have been selected to become a TrainerRoad Ambassador!

imageSo what does that mean? Well expect some giveaways, insights into the system itself, tips and tricks, and of course the results! As noted in my 2014 schedule post I have a lot of cycling events this year and with a busy household full of kids and athletes working smarter over just plain harder is a fundamental strategy for success and TrainerRoad is key tool to achieve that!

There are plenty of links to TrainerRoad’s website but here are a few other places you can find them online, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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