Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tour of Sufferlandria Day 2 (ISLAGIATT)

Day 2 is completed . Two hours of climbing…needless to say it wasn’t pretty! As a reminder it’s four sold climbs; 15 minutes, 2x20 minutes and then 8 minutes followed by a fast ride into the finish. Things were going well until the last climb and then the wheels started to come loose. I managed to hang on through the last 20 minutes and through to the finish but was really feeling it! Pushed hard on the final sprint!

Data and some liquid refreshment for the refueling!


Tomorrow is Revolver, not the easiest ride but only 45 minutes

With my earlier rides this week I am going to top out over 100 bike miles and 6 hours of saddle time, a long way from where I have been in the past but for the first week of riding post crash I am happy!

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