Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tour of Sufferlandria Day 5 (Extra Shot and The Wretched)

This was the first of two double days. The Sufferfest Rules require that these back-to-back rides are completed as such. TrainerRoad is a little more forgiving and state that they only have to be completed within a certain time window, but to quote someone from the FaceBook thread

The Sufferfest folks live beneath the shadow of a giant lava-belching volcano and work for a guy named Grunter von Agony who is very good at making pain shakes. The TrainerRoad folks are named Nate and Reid and are very good at writing code. Sorry Nate & Reid, but I'm not taking any chances, and going with the Sufferfest rules on this one...”

And with that in mind I saddled up and hit play.



Extra Shot is exactly that it’s an extra 25 minutes that you can add on to a completed ride so to add this as a starter took a little warming up to as it really is out the gate and get going. That being said the time slipped by without issues. Next on the agenda was The Wretched. As with many of the ‘fests there is a storyline of a Sufferlandrian who has fallen from Local Hero to Zero. Now, faced with the final stage of the Tour de France, it is condensed into 35 minutes and includes flats, attacks, climbs, descents, and sprints.

The Sufferfest - The Wretched - Official Trailer from The Sufferfest on Vimeo.

Onwards to Day 6


  1. Stewart - not sure if you've covered it before in a previous blog-entry, but I'd love to get your take on the different Sufferfest videos. Any chance you could break down which are your favorites and which are more beneficial to a triathlete? The only one I've ever done is Fight Club. I loved it and are itching to buy more.... but at a loss as to which. Thanks!

  2. Sean that's a great idea, I have written some reviews, check the Reviews tab, but nothing that stacks them up against each other!


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