Sunday, March 15, 2015

SB9T Week 4

After the long weekend in Santa Barbara I slotted back into training. Here is how things shook out;

Monday 8 miles. You can read about that here. The only addition was a quick spin on the bike after the drive to shake my legs out.

Tuesday. Off

Wednesday. 4.4 miles. Should have been 6 but ran out of time, just cranked them out on the treadmill

Thursday. 6.1 miles again on the Treadmill.Forgot to turn off GPS. Legs felt heavy, ran Kana video for the first 30 minutes

Friday. Another run on the Treadmill…just one of those weeks! Ran a simulated last 10k of the Boston Marathon which included the infamous Heartbreak Hill. I think my perception of what is a hill is seriously off…or else the folks who run Boston is? Also managed a quick…very quick session on a new rowing machine that I got Becca for her Birthday!

Saturday. Off.

Sunday. Ran the Bandit 30k course, albeit with a slight detour at the end as I missed a turning! Hills are a given when you run trails but I deliberately wanted a tough day in the hills today and that's what I got, 3850' of gain over 20 miles. Two rattlesnake encounters, running out of water with 3 miles to go in 85f temps and missing a turning which added an extra mile or so


What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!



  • 54.5mi including 7 miles on the bike
  • 10h 39m
  • 7,723ft of gain

Two weeks to Nine Trails!

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