Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008; simple to state...

Just a list of words, simple to state;

  • A sub 6:00 50k; I have my first shot at this in thirty days at the Calico 50k and then another option in February for a rematch at the PCTR Pt Mugu 50k and if that fails I could go back to it (Pt Mugu) again in the fall.
  • A sub 10:00 50m; Leona Divide is 109 days away, this is my ‘A’ race for the first four months of the year.
I haven’t really thought about things beyond that but having a 50m under my belt opens up more options such as the Tahoe Rim Trail 100 (yes that’s 100 miles) in July or Angeles Crest in September, a lot of the 100 milers require a 50M completion within a specified time frame as part of the entry process.

The second half of the year is predicated on the results of the first half so I’ll leave it there for now…

Hard to achieve!

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  1. Last year is going to be tough to beat, but you have a great work ethic, so I'm sure you will meet your 2008 goals, as long as everyone stays healthy! Good luck!


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