Sunday, January 27, 2008

Awards season!

Just a quick note to answer some questions from the comments of my last couple or three posts

Ultradad: I was wearing Asics 2120 Trail; they had done me really well, although they got pretty torn up on this run. I used to run in 2120s on the road and moved up to Kayanos late last year for the extra cushioning. I am looking at Montrail or Inov-8 this time around. There is always a difference between the Nike+ and my Garmin; the Nike+ was only off for about the first half mile.

Nick: I managed to have my last meal about two hours before, two things I did omit from the post was that I had a small gel flask with Perpetuem made up to the thickness of pancake batter and sipped that during the last couple of hours washed down with regular strength drink and water. I also had an Espresso (Caffeine) gel during the last hour for that extra push.

Catra: Leona Divide; see you there, although I’m pretty sure you be having tea and polishing your buckle long before I cross the finish line!

Rainmaker: woah, yeah I nearly totaled there, I was holding my little Canon A400 in my hand and really didn’t want to drop it in the snow!

Gotta Run; yoga, well it's been a long time and I do have the bendy characteristics of an ironing board but I am sticking with it.

Ok now for my Oscar moment!

And to everyone else; Jess, Christine, Frayed Laces, Marcy, Wes, Audrey, POM, Kim, Kxux, Relentless Runner and anyone else who I have missed thanks for your support and ongoing readership. Don't forget to add yourself to the map at the bottom the page!

These coming weeks see me getting me getting back into the saddle in time for the LA Marathon in March.


  1. To be honest, a video while you were totaling would have been pretty awesome! my experiance with the A400, it's a bit more hardy then one might give it credit for.

  2. LOL you make an excellent acceptance speech ;-) Actually I just come to your blog for the music (LOL I'm KIDDING) But seriously, you should get the award for best music. Cause I dig!

  3. Hmm.. two strikes against you today, SLB!

    1) You called me relenting (its relentless!)

    2) As I was reading Marcy's comment your music started playing; I didn't realize my speakers were on and it scared the crap out of me!

  4. Hi SLB+! Thanks for your visits & support as well. Since we are using this post to answer questions, I have a Stamina ATS 1400 rowing machines that we got from It is a budget version of the Concept 2 machine. Since I am sometimes a flake about buying things I don't use, I make it a policy to getting a cheap one and wear it out before getting an expensive one. It worked with husbands ;) I'm very happy with the machine. It's only serious flaw is that the fan stirs up all of the dust in my not so clean house!

  5. Rainmaker, maybe next time...maybe!

    Marcy, glad you dig, you obvioulsy have exceptional taste :-)

    Jess, likewise right backatcha!

    Doug, ok I made the change. Oh yes and GOTCHA! lol

    Diva, thanks, I 'll be checking it out, the rower, not the husband. I may well have the dust issue as well, maybe if I row fast enough I'll get through it?


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