Friday, January 25, 2008

Two days on the piste!

Over 20” of new snow fell while we were at Mammoth Mountain for some midweek madness. This was on top of 76” that they have already had this month, needless to say; powder days are the best days! All concerns of my legs not functioning after last weeks Calico run were put aside as I pointed my board downhill for the first run of the first day for the first time in nearly two years and it all came flooding back. Like riding a bike you just don't forget, of course also like riding a bike you're not immune to crashing!

Here’s some really bad video of one my runs.


  1. 20 inches of freakin' snow?? That's a skiiers wet dream! That's almost better than running around in the dessert in Calico...

  2. That does indeed look like some sweet powder. I've gotta wait another two weeks till ski-time again. :( But then it's a double-jackpot of skiing.

    I like the 'woah' comment with the view of the trees (horizontal to the fall line). ;)

  3. it has been years since I have seen snow like that. Totally jealous!! My husband and I watched the video and could only imagine it would be like a kid in a new play ground. Awesome!!!!


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