Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ongoing Boing!

Well yesterday’s go fast beans managed to loiter a second day, which I am glad to say was not something I was doing, as I put in my 4 x 1 mile intervals. I am always worried that because I have nowhere that’s really flat, go figure living in West Hills; clue's in the name! I am just not getting the quality of speed that I should, but I suppose the rolling road is not a bad thing, as you can see from the elevation profile (the green line) they’re not major hills but they're are just enough to push your average down, although I lucked out on the last rest period and nearly made it up the hill. I actually took the time to program the intervals into my Garmin instead of just relying on the mileage readout, so I had a nice little countdown beep telling me when to transition. The data is below; the average pace is skewed because of the warm up/cool down and the ¼ mile walk in between each mile run, the last one in particular is slow where I was messing about with my iPod under a street lamp, but in isolation it works out at 7:1025, so I am pretty pleased, although I would have really liked one sub 7 min mile, it looks like my predisposition to fast twitch fibers does help!

On another note, I totally scored at Cosco today, book publishers Human Kinetics have a series of books which illustrate what muscle does what when you weight train, do yoga and stretch. There really good in helping you find out how to isolate specific muscle groups etc. Usually you can only buy them on line for around $20 each and then you have to pay another $10 or so in shipping, well I found three excellent books; one on yoga and two on strength training one for men and one for women, (ignore their needs at your peril), I skipped the stretching one as I already have a great stretching book, by them in Cosco today for the bargain basement price of $11.99 each and obviously no shipping so that nets out to over a 50% discount. Gotta love a bargain; flash your card and check them out.


  1. Oooooooo I love a good deal. I swear it's my downfall. You mention free shipping, coupon codes, or a clearance and I'm all over it. My husband always says "Ohhh yeah you're totally saving me money BUY SPENDING IT!" :P

  2. We don't have Costco here. At least...I don't think so, but now I'm not entirely sure.

    Anyhoo...the books sound informative!

  3. Generally speaking - beans that loiter for me don't translate into faster run times through mere presence...I'm looking for the wind power!


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