Sunday, January 6, 2008

It's shiny, I want one!

So seeing as how I have not run in a week, cancel that. So seeing how I have not done anything in a week (oh the shame!), I thought I would tell you about the last time I did. Well not specifically about the run, let me assure you it was a most unmemorable 24 miler, but about the new piece of shiny kit I have. The Nathan HPL#028. Inspired by Krissy Moehl during her 2005 Grand Slam season, Nathan have called a “Race Vest”. It is designed to carry fuel; bars and gels and small running essentials, camera, lip salve, BodyGlide etc, and is aimed at the runner who prefers to carry their hydration in hand held bottles a’la Ultimate Direction (which is my bottle preference). The decision to purchase (well add it to my Christmas wish-list) was driven by the fact that having switched to Hammer Nutrition the use of a bladder type backpack is not recommended for Pepetuem as it settles and the thought of having to do 20 jumping jacks every time I wanted a drink was not very attractive!

Well first of all it’s a really dull name, c’mon Nathan how about something with some umph! Ok now for the nitty-gritty; the vest is very lightweight; 4.5oz, so you hardly know its there, until of course you start stuffing it with all your junk. It’s grey and has a reflective logo panel in the back; also in the back is a stash pocket for gloves, arm-warmers and the like. At the side there are adjustable straps which allow a snug fit. On the front you have two pockets; one zipped (the larger) and one with a drawstring. There is also a buckle fastening that is adjustable not only in girth but also in height; you can slide it up and down to find a comfortable spot, useful if like me you are wearing HRM strap, the strap is really long, with a good 10 inches of play. There are also two shoulder loops where you can hang things; extra bottles, compass etc. The material is breathable, so there is little discomfort from the extra insulation.

I was really pleased with this vest (other than the name), once adjusted it fits very well and you do not notice it, there is no sliding or slopping about or bouncing on the shoulders. The various straps allow you to create a snug fit without cutting off your circulation of breathing. The breathability is very good, I did not suffer from a “hot back” which you can with some packs. The storage is pretty good, I crammed 4 gels in the smaller pouch and had 2 more, a lip salve a small BodyGlide and cash in the other and there was room to spare. In the back I had a baggie which contained dry Perpetuem which I mixed up after purchasing some water while “on the road”.

I’ll be wearing this weekend under “race conditions”, oh that makes me sound so professional, (lol) so if there is anything more to add I add an update.


  1. so yeah, i don't like carrying stuff when i run...but i want one too!!!

    yes, totally give the race report!!

  2. Looks like a great addition to any ultra marathoner's collection of gadgets! Normally I just pin gels to the inside of my shorts, but I never go more than 26.2.

  3. Ooooooo I dig Nathan products for the most part. I might have to look into that baby! Thanks!

  4. I also despise carrying stuff. This looks interesting though...maybe I'll see how ya like it once the weather gets a wee bit warmer.

  5. Thanks for the review; I need to check this out!

  6. I want one! But first, I need to do some running. I carry my own bottles too albeit, Nathan bottles are my bottle of choice.


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