Monday, January 7, 2008

And now for something completely different...

Anyone in California might have been noticing the rain! Yes it really does rain here, sometimes like this last weekend, it rains a lot. So much so that from just down the hill from my house I can now see snow on the San Gabriel Mountains. The highest point is Mt San Antonio aka Mt. Baldy 3,067m (10,064 ft) but there are a lot of lesser peaks. Well the good news for me is that rain here and snow in the San Gabriel’s means A LOT OF SNOW at Mammoth Mountain, our local ski field.

Two quick FYIs; (1) I should point out I don’t actually ski, I have never tried nor have I any inclination to try; I board, I had the chance to learn it in New Zealand, took it and have never looked back. This is my 10th year and I still won't be able to land a jump without crashing and (2) local in California is a 300 mile drive.

A quick look at Mammoth's website reveals that over the weekend they had 65” (5’4”)! That gives them a base of 154”. A couple of phone calls and clicks later and we’re booked, mid-week madness to avoid the crowds, leaving the children with my in-laws who arrive tomorrow for some winter sun and a break from the British weather and heading off to the hills. My only concern is that it is the week after my 50k and I hope my legs will be working…what the hell, that’s what gravity is for, right!


  1. That's a lot of powder! Enjoy.

  2. We should could use some of that here in the south in the form of RAIN :-) Sounds like a great get away! I'm sure your legs will at least hold you up for a bit :-)


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