Wednesday, January 9, 2008

We apologize for the delay...

But the year approaching on Platform 1 is 2008!

Finally after the New Years’ celebrations have died down, hangovers (yeah right) departed, my neck is now in the right place thanks to my chiropractor; who I heartily recommend if you're in the area and with the help of a large dose of Better Living through Science (BLiTS), I was able to tentatively take baby steps into 2008.

Monday, to see what would happen, I spent 30 minutes on my bike and trainer, not wanting to push the envelope, I rode consistently but not too fast, once I got got the resistance and laps sorted out, with one small hill and one small sprint, so far so good.

Last night I donned my running shoes and headed out. It was late and cold (for here) around 48f when I hit the roads and after a small, untimed warm up, I put my foot down, literally and metaphorically to see what my chest could take. I pushed hard for the first three miles and throttled back for the next two with a walk up the last one back home. All was well and I was pleased with the result; my lungs stayed in my chest! The splits were pretty good as well.

I also took the chance to run in my new Injinji socks, you have to spend a little time feeding you toes in but they are very comfortable, a little thinner than I am used to so I may need some Spencos, but all around very toasty!

I am not expecting to run fast this weekend but having read SoCalRunnerGirl’s comments it seems that the hills will be a little long. I will run some hill intervals tonight to double check but so far everything is looking good for the weekend.


  1. Was your heart rate monitor working correctly when you were on the trainer? Those numbers seem pretty low compared to when you were running; especially when your biking was labeled as "too fast!"

  2. Nice cycling laps - you were screaming on the second bike lap!

  3. Good job on getting back to and joining in on 2008!

  4. You did push the envelope. Great workout! Love my Injinji socks. I even have two pair for the trails.

    Never been to the Chiropractor but I have had a few friends tell me they have found big benefits from it. I enjoy the benefits from a deep massage myself. Maybe I am just a chicken :)


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