Saturday, October 11, 2008

Be careful what you wish for!

Anyone who has been reading my blog for more than a couple of months will have heard me lament how long Summer was lasting. Despite being October we are still experience hot days, and during the week I found myself running in 90 degrees at five in the afternoon, well yesterday Fall arrived. I set out for my 10 miles last night at 8:30pm and stood on the porch thinking I was under dressed in a long sleeve shirt and shorts; the thermometer said 50 degrees! That’s a forty degree difference! A tad extreme and a bit more a change than I was looking for! I turned around and redressed in CR-W ¾ insulated tights (review to follow) and a thermal top…hmm toasty. Ninety minutes later I was back on my porch. The respite in the weather is short lived though, the forecast is for the Santa Ana winds to kick up next week, these are warm dry desert winds that suck the moisture out of the air and blow grit in you eyes, it also means that the parks will have fire advisories issued!

Last night's run finished off week 7 of the plan; 46 run/26 bike, tomorrow I have my penultimate long bike ride; 80 miles, I have had to switch around run/bike weekends as I am racing on the 25th so my last ride is next weekend and then the cycling is replaced with long runs every week until I start to taper on November 29th.

My wife totally rocked out her Tri last weekend, despite have 5’ breakers on the beach to contend with, she has signed up for the Pasadena Half Marathon in December and will be doing another Tri next year although this time she is promising to train for it...jeez at this rate she'll be starting a blog soon too!

Finally good luck to Billy racing at the Long Beach Half Marathon and Sara who is looking for a BQ in Chicago this weekend and of course to everyone else racing.


  1. I want to be the first to know if your wife starts a blog ;)

    you both seem to be a very ACTIVE couple. Do you guys sleep much..LOL!!

    BTW - we finally posted the contest report. Had tons of fun putting it together.

    Thanks again! You might have a little gift coming to you if you are a good boy.

  2. Now you know why I was complaining of the cold here in Ohio. The drop from high 80's to low 50's and even 40's was a shock to my system.

  3. Wow, that is QUITE an extreme swing in temperatures. It's been rather cool up here in NorCal, too. Congrats to your wife on your excellent tri!!!

  4. ooooooooh, i like the new blog header...

    and um, i wear way less clothes when i run!!!! i would have been in short and a tank top in 50 degrees!! well, i am an east coast girl...

  5. 50 degrees is perfect running weather :P

  6. Your temperature extremes are crazy...mind you, we are having very warm weather here for our Thanksgiving weekend.

    Hope your bike ride went well and CONGRAT'S to Mrs. Q on her Tri and good luck with the half in December....

  7. Congrats to your wife on her tri finish!

    50 degrees sounds glorious to me. Pass the weather this way!

  8. oh - i remember those santa ana winds! they always seem to make people a little crazy too ... sorta like a full moon.

    and on the weather - if its not one thing, its another. one minute we're all complaining about the heat - soon enough it will be the cold!

  9. we had a pretty big swing in temps in the bay area this weekend too! but now looks like the temps are back up.

    congrats to your wife for a great tri!


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