Friday, October 3, 2008

W/E6 W/B7

Another week of getting it done with some flexibility. Sunday’s bike ride was a little shorter than planned, the constraint of time, as mentioned before it was our eldest 4th birthday party and I had to be back in good time for that. Monday back on the road for a recovery 7 miles and the rest of t he week alternated between bike and run for a total of 91 miles on the bike and 25 run, Tonight turned it a bit of a mess as I forgot to pack my orthotics’ and had to scrap the run till I got home meaning that I finished my 10 miler around 7:30pm.

Tomorrow I have my first 20 miler, the first of seven runs of that length or longer over the next nine weeks, it’s always good to start it with less than 12 hours rest in between runs. Rain is forecast, ho hum!

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