Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Swap Beat...bring it!

After the recent success of Worth the Weight I was prompted to organize a second competition especially given that I received a bunch of prizes towards the end of the final round and so instead of dumping them in the mix I held them back. So I am pleased to announce the new competition Swap-Beat…bring it!

The idea here is to swap and beat and that you bring stuff...just in case that wasn't clear!

Here are the rules:

1. The competition will last from Monday November 3rd through Sunday December 20th
2. Enrollment will be from today through 12 noon PST Sunday November 2nd
3. Each competitor must “bring” a running related item with a face value of a minimum $20, please send me a photograph (quadrathon at gmail dot com) of it or failing that a link on the web where it can be found for sale, description would be useful including size, color etc
4. When you send me your photo of the item send me you name (that you want people to see on the ‘net) and your blog link.
5. Clothing must be new with tags, sweaty and grungy used items will be rejected.
6. Food stuffs must be unopened; that tub of PowerAde in Celery flavor that seemed such a good idea at the time, that you tried and hated…sorry you can keep it
7. Weigh-ins will be every Sunday please email me before noon 7pm PST
8. Weekly winners will be announced Monday, maybe Tuesday depending on how much “life” I have going on!
9. The Winner(s) then choose the item they would like. Depending on the total number of entries 10. I will just divide the number of entries by the number of weeks and then take that number of the top x people and they choose a prize in descending order and post their request as a comment i.e. 60 people /6 weeks = 10 winners a week, that way everyone gets something…hopefully!
11. If you are a winner three weeks in a row you forfeit and a name will be drawn from a hat of non winners from that week
12. It is up to the winner to contact the sender to arrange shipping and all that good stuff, I did get a raised eyebrow from my wife when she took all the parcels from WTW to the Post Office.
13. Weight loss will be calculated and illustrated as a percentage only
14. The usual stuff about consulting a Doctor and overly rapid weightloss etc, you're all grown ups, right!

Ok, I am sure I have missed something and I reserve the right to change or modify things but I think that all makes sense. So let the games begin.

Oh one last thing you probably want to know what I’ll be bringing, well thanks to some friends in high places (Nike Pro 16 aka Clover you rock!) I have the following:

2 Nike+ iPod Armbands for G2 Nano
1 Nike + chip (you’ll need a sensor, Amp or Sportsband)
2 Nike Prefontaine Posters
1 Pre; the Story of Steve Prefontaine book
1 Nike Women’s Drifit shirt (m)
1 Nike Men’s Olympic Trials Eugene Drifit Shit (m) it fits me fine 6'1''
1 Nike Olympic Trials Eugene shoe bag
A signed Sanya Richards poster and
A bunch of Nike+ “You Suck” cards!

So unless you are a complete knucklehead there is no need to explain where I got the prizes from. I run with a Nike+, and have done for the last 2500 miles, you can find me in the competitions and forums under the rather obvious moniker; SLB+ in fact it was the catalyst for this this blog and it's title comes from a Challenge that I did not start but that I now host. It’s a fun and easy way to track your miles and there is a great support forum with some excellent contributors and competitions going on, check it out at http://nikeplus.nike.com. I’ll be posting some pictures of the prizes later.

I am going to batch these into two sets of prizes and an third for the overall Winner!

Finally I am only hosting this as incentive to drop to my desired racing weight during the next 6/7 weeks, with everyone watching it's more of an incentive.

So without further ado let the enrollment commence!


  1. Ok, I had to read the rules like 3 times but I think I get it now!! I'm in!!! Swap Beat sounds fun and motivating!

  2. Oooh, I love it! Count me in for sure :)

    I'm going to root through my swag and see if I have anything good to give up (only if it's new, I know, I know), but if not, I'll go find something good.

  3. I'm in. I've gotta figure out what I'm "bringing to the party", but I'm totally up for it.

    Must get off the pounds I gained while training for the marathon...

  4. Count me in SLB.

  5. I'm in too! Now that i don't have the air cast on anymore, i'm ready to win something dammit LOL I'll send you a pic once I have my items in order :)

  6. I'm in.
    I'll email you a pic of my item soon.
    -jes bohn

  7. I got your mail! I saw this, this AM but was foggy (ie: not enough coffee) so I thought it be best I come back to read HAHA

    I'm gonna have to pass this time around homie, but I'll put the word out on the streets ;-)

  8. Hopefully I can get to the store by the 3rd and I'll be in!

  9. Oh I am SO in. I need this...badly.

    I'll have to decide what I'm contributing & get back to you.

  10. I would so be in, but I am in a couple other challenges this month and with everything going on at work and home I just couldn't do another! Sounds like fun though!

  11. I'm in! I have a commitment until noon so I will not be able to get my $20 swag posted for you.

  12. I'm in! This time I won't bail out. For some reason marathon training makes me gain... :-( I will find some cool swag and email it to you!

  13. Glad to see you are still organizing things. Just wanted to say Hi!


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