Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Local Wildfires; evening update

Driving along PCH there was a thin layer of smoke flowing off shore, there had actually been little coverage in the press during the day and I wondered what would be in store once I reached the San Fernando Valley. I was pleased to see or not see as the case was that there was no fire visible on the far hills, last night there were three distinct red glows.

As of 6pm there remains zero containment and we remain on alert for possible evacuation. The burn size now exceeds 13,000 acres; the burn has now extended South West, driven by the wind, away from us towards Simi Valley. As a result the quality of air has somewhat improved for us and there is no longer a taste to it.

The wind seems to be dying down, hopefully it will remain that way to allow the firecrews to get some form of cordon around the fireline during to coolness of the evening.


  1. :(

    Stay safe! I'm thinking about ya.

  2. Thanks for the update... October has been a crazy month in SoCal the last few years, hasn't it? Last year's wildfires in San Diego County came within miles of our house. We went to bed and were woken up at 3am when the orange glow started coming over the hills.

    Be safe and if they say evacuate...it's best to go.

  3. Wow I had no idea....I can be blissfully isolated from mainland news being here in HI. I will keep you and your family in my prayers---keep us posted, k?

  4. Hopefully the wind will continue to diminish and the fire crews will be able to contain some of the fires...

    thinking of you and your family...

  5. Man, take care out there. I was just now seeing this on the news.
    How out of touch with the real world I have been.

  6. Thanks for keeping us posted. You all are in my thoughts.
    Stay Safe!

  7. Thanks for the updates. Glad you are safe.

  8. Goodness, sounds terrible! I hope you guys stay safe and don't have to evacuate!

  9. Blech!! Hope you guys remain safe (as well as your homes!)


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