Sunday, October 26, 2008

A missed run, a bad run and two great runners!

Friday I missed my tempo run, I left work late got home later, no biggie I thought I’ll get it done and by the time I looked at my watch it was 10:00pm, with a long run the next morning I knew it was too much. I prepped everything for the next morning and hit the hay. The next morning I was up and at them early but I knew it was a sign when my iPod decided to blow up; not literally but after a hard reset I was running late. Reloaded I headed out.

I was on the trail at Cheeseboro Canyon by 7:30am with a clear blue sky overhead I knew it was going to be a warm one. Twenty two miles was the distance of the day and so I headed along the canyon floor, taking a sharp left turn I pushed over into the next canyon, my plan was to tackle the long climb first and avoid the worst of the heat. I reached the Palo Camado trial and started to climb. An hour and half, 6 miles and 1400’ feet elevation change later I was at China Flats. I found a nice trail that took me to top of Simi Peak and I snapped some video of the view.

There was a helicopter buzzing around I wondered given the Red Flag Warning if they were looking for more wildfires? I finished up the loop and started back down the trail toward Shepherd’s Flats and the Ridge Trail, it was getting warmer now and despite having two handhelds and a UD Wasp (over 100oz in total) I was concerned that I might run out and so I changed the route in my mind to swing by the parking lot so I could replen.

The Ridge Trail, as per its name, rolls along the ridgeline of the southern side of Cheeseboro Canyon for six or so miles finally you take a connector which spits you onto the valley floor and the main “in and out” trail. By the time I reached this point I was out of fluids and feeling a little worse for wear, with another two miles to parking lot I was taking it easy. I reached the car a little after 3 hours and 16 miles and knew that, as usual, I would be racing the clock, I ditched my vest refilled a handheld and headed out to try and cover as much distance as I could in the remaining time I had in a simple out and back. Probably being too conservative I scraped another mile and half turned around and headed back to the car. The finally tally 19.38 miles, over 2.5 miles under my goal.

I threw my kit in the car and headed home stopping off at gas station to pick two 32oz bottles of Powerade that were drunk in the 15 minute drive! I guess I was a little more dehydrated than I thought, not surprising given that the temperature reading in my car said 96 degrees, ugh!

So I am putting these runs (or lack thereof in Friday's case) behind and moving on, this week will be better.

Finally, but by no means least, check out the shirt I am wearing. I have never been to Greenville SC, but I know someone who has, in fact some great folks who live there! How cool is this, it arrived in the mail Friday and I had to take it on the trails ASAP. Thanks Robin and Scott you guys are awesome!

I am putting together the rules for Swap-Beat and will post them tomorrow.

Here are some photos and the MotionBased data:


  1. I am simply running out of thins to say to yu regarding: You kick Ass!

    I am coser and closer to buying a new bike.
    I may need to try and keep up with you.

  2. 19.38 miles in that heat??!! Wow, it's amazing you even got that far! Great job on your long run!

  3. Even though I'm shivering here and envious of your trails, it's good to get a reminder that the heat out there is actually far more of a challenge to running than the fall chill in the air here. Gonna think about that the next time I consider cutting a run short because I'm ready for my hot chocolate and make myself toughen up.

  4. 19+ miles in that heat is still an awesome run :-) Cool shirt. Robin and Scott rock!!

  5. LOL that's so funny! Even before I hit the part when you said it was from Robin and Scott I wondering where you got it. It's coolio!

  6. Amazing run! Amazing views too, wow! So different than where I run.

    BTW,I think I got the chapstick around the eyes tip from your blog. I used it yesterday at my marathon and it totally kept the sweat out of my eyes. Thank you.

  7. Now don't you look GREAT in your running shirt. We were so excited doing that for you!!!

    I also agree with Nick... you kick ass!

  8. Seems like an awesome trail!

    Thanks for the recommendation for Hammer. I'll be sure to come by to get the discount off once I'm done with the Bloks and Gatorade!

  9. Darnnit, another run in terrific location even with the heat. Also, I think having everyone swap shoes would be a much more interesting way to do this.


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